p5Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, marketing can be a cutting-edge way for businesses and individuals to generate views for their website. SEO marketing is the process of generating traffic from free, organic, natural, or editorial search results on search engines.


Search engines like Bing and Google are used to generate results based on what the user has entered. These are so popular that it is estimated that more than 90 percent of internet users are using search engines to connect with information. SEO marketing helps connect potential customers connect with a business through these search engines. In the online business world, a company cannot build a high ranking to drive traffic to its site without good SEO.


Because SEO marketing has become so popular, it has also lead to several errors for businesses. Here are a few flaws in SEO marketing that can hurt your site more than it can help it:



The way your website is set up is crucial to its performance among new and returning clients. If the website you or your business is running is not clean and organized, it will not only look unsightly, but it will also be difficult for search engines to understand. A good way to see if you or your business has bad website architecture is to check your site’s stats. If you have a high volume of visits, but very few customers, it could mean that visitors to your site became confused by the links and navigational menus and gave up looking for the information the needed. When designing or redesigning your website, be sure that all your pages are organized with the correct information, and be sure your site is easy to navigate.



How many times have you click on the link to find an error that says the page you are trying to visit no longer exists? Broken or missing website links, missing tags, missing page titles, and duplicate pages can lead to technical errors on your site. Broken or missing links often lead to a “page not found” error message. Usually visitors will seek out another site for the information or product they are looking for. Missing page titles happen with a page creator forgets to give each page a title. This results in a duplicate page being created. Duplicate pages can often result in Google penalties which can put a company or business in danger of losing its organic gains.



Forget about a confusing site or technical errors, if your content isn’t even good, visitors will begin to steer clear p5bfrom your site. If there is nothing of use, your content is limited, or you have outdated information that you seldom update, your SEO rating won’t help you in generating more page views. Your site content should be unique with fresh content that is appealing to those seeking information on your service or product. Many sites have begun adding blogs to give their viewers something substantial to read, but remember your content must be relevant to your service or product. Also remember that there are several different types of internet surfers who will look at your website. You should aim to include small paragraphs of texts coupled with graphics or photographs or the best results.




If the site or company isn’t an established voice on the topic it writes about in its blogs or on its site, most won’t bother reading it. Create content and text that supports your company’s key objectives that can only further grow your business. Be sure your posts are full of keywords and relevant content for your site. In short, no matter what you’re writing about, be sure to mention what your company does in that area.



Make sure any links to your site (backlinks) are from high-quality sites. If your site is linked to spam or junk sites, the SEO rating suffers. Get your content on other pertinent and top-notch sites to get people talking about it. When well-known, established sites see your business, they will want to link you on their site and in their blogs.



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