3 winter tips for your lawn

lawnIf you are a lawn enthusiast, then chances are that you have spent the summer months lovingly mowing, feeding and watering your lawn. Has your hard work paid off? If it did, then you should have a lawn that looks fantastic and is the envy of your entire neighbourhood.

Just because the winter is coming does not mean you need to stop your lawn-maintenance now, in fact, now is the prime time to strengthen your lawn with the nutrients and care it needs to survive the cold winter season and then come back stronger than ever in the spring.

Here are some tips and ideas for you to think about and then execute, in order to ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape before the snow and cold arrive in force. Even if you use a good lawn care service, then ask them if they follow this strategy when preparing your lawn for the winter season ahead.


  1. Weed & feed

As the autumn comes to an end, its important to feed your lawn with the nutrients it needs so that it has a good head start when the spring season arrives. This can mean the difference between a decent lawn and a lush, beautiful green landscaped lawn in the summertime.

So make sure that you feed your lawn in the beginning of September and then once again six to eight weeks later. This assists your lawn in rebuilding roots that may have been dried out or damaged by the warm summer weather and prepares them to grow again when the spring arrives.

While you are feeding, kill two birds with one stone and get some weeding done as well. Making sure that your lawn is weed free by the end of the autumn will make it a lot harder for weeds to start up again when the warm weather comes back, giving your lawn a chance to establish itself without being choked out by weed roots.

  1. Do the deed and reseed

The summertime has the kids out enjoying the weather on the lawn, games and fun take their toll on your lawn and can kill of certain parts if they are constantly being used to play football or other activities youngsters may enjoy. Make sure that you re-enforce your lawn by sowing seed to fill in any areas that may have thinned out.

Keep the seed lightly dampened until it sprouts and then lightly mist the grass until the roots take hold and it reaches mowing height.

  1. Mow shorter

During the last six weeks of autumn, reduce your mower height by a few inches to get a shorter cut. In the final mowing session, make sure you cut an inch shorter than the reduced height. This will keep the roots strong and allow for a quick rebound in the spring.


The final word

Lawn preparation for the winter is not just limited to the lawn itself but includes your tools and their maintenance as well. Make sure that you have the mower serviced and ready for action in the spring. If you use a lawn care service then ask them what they have done to prepare your lawn for the winter and when they expect to be back to start in the new season.

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