Brighter Image Labs Veneers

bilThere should be no shame when it comes to your smile. Many people don’t have the confidence to show off their teeth due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from discoloration, stains, chipped teeth or misshapen teeth. However there should be no reason to hide a smile and you deserve to have the self-confidence and desire to smile proudly and wide. It is a shame that many people who have previously considered cosmetic dentistry are unable to afford it and feel forever resigned to having to hide their teeth. However, there are affordable options out there and once discovered can be suited to most people’s needs if they cannot afford the price of professional dentistry world.



Brighter Image LabsTM was created with the desire to help people, and since being born as a business in 1997 have gone on to help over 300,000 different clients. This track record has allowed them to boast a strong reputation and boast so many happy clients.

Using state-of-the-art technology the company creates ultra-thin lightweight veneers that will help a client improve their smile and instil a new found confidence within them. The dentures are removable and even better made to fit every individual client to ensure a perfect fit. Every client receives their own custom mould.

The Press on VeneersTM by Brighter Image Lab are quickly gaining popularity across the world, especially after so many people are finding them to be a perfect solution due to their affordability. Due to the removable veneers being able to be made without the need of a cosmetic dentist the overall affordability is increased as there is no significant professional costs to pay. A comparative treatment by a professional dentist may cost up to 3 times more than what Brighter Image Labs offers, while also requiring multiple in-clinic visits which will take time out of your day when you might not be able to spare.



There is no requirement for a dentist visit, and you will not need to undergo expensive x-rays or have to take any shorts. The veneers will result in no grinding, no pain and if you are unhappy with the result they are completely reversible. However, with so many satisfied clients, you are bound to love the result and be left beaming.

It is as simple as going online and filling in a form, without having to pay for surgery to correct your teeth. You will end up with a veneer that will redesign and straighten the appearance of your smile, and seeks to address issues such as: gapped teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, and broken teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth.


If you are unhappy with the quality and appearance of your teeth or embarrassed to smile and hide away your teeth you may want to consider the affordable treatment offered by Brighter Image Labs. Unfortunately not many people can afford to pay the significant prices charged by cosmetic dentists or are scared about what the process entails, however now there is the perfect alternative.