How to publish an article online.

publishAre you thinking you may be a budding journalist? Perhaps you’ve just written you first masterpiece and now you’re stuck with where to publish it? Don’t worry, thanks to advance in technology you’re now able to publish articles online with just the push of a button. One of the easiest and most popular ways to publish an article online is to submit it to sites such as Ezine articles, Goarticles, Triod, associated content and Ehow, just to name a few.


Setting up a profile on these sites is easy and free, all you do is signup with an email address and then fill out the relevant forms, you’ll then be asked to verify the account through your email, once this is done then you’re ready to publish your masterpiece. Depending on the site that you publish to, it may take up to a few days for the article to be reviewed by the editorial team, they will either come back to you with minor changes or they’ll publish the article and make it live on the site for you. You can then take the url of the published article and start posting it on social media sites and sharing it with friends and family. Depending on the quality of the article this may get picked up by other sites and start to be published elsewhere. We wish you all the best with your publishing adventures!