Building your rankings

With all things now being equal… and what I mean by that is if your competitor has just done everything that you’ve done and the website itself is optimized fully, then “how on earth does 10,000 of your website competitors that also have their websites fully optimized all achieve a top 10 ranking on the #1 page of Google”?  Sounds almost impossible huh?

It now boils down to how many “High Ranking Links” that go to your website.  Commonly known as “Backlinks”.  This is simply how Google determines how popular your website is.  Now remember, this is merely my perception and way of explaining this to you. I really don’t care about proper terminology because I want the average john and jane doe out there to understand all this.

The bottom line is you can do back-linking to your website by some of the following techniques.

1.   Submit articles to article website for publishing (hmmm… effective but very time consuming)

article submission

2.  Go to all sorts of forums and blogs, register, submit articles, make comments and make sure you have back-links going back to your website (also effective, but very time consuming)

forum posting

3.  Send emails to other websites asking to exchange links (usually not very effective and very time consuming)


4.   Make phone calls to other website owners and ask to exchange links (again not usually effective and very time consuming)


5.   Hire a SEO Expert to do all this for you…


So finally you should now have a fairly good grasp of the complexity of the project.  It’s not really brain science stuff. But it is very time consuming and if you are the “Do-It-Yourself” kinda person… Then go for it. It can be done.



Back-Linking takes hundreds of links to become effective.  In addition What happens if you achieve top ten rankings and start to fall?  You will have to continually build back-links to your site as that is the only way you will stay where you want to be… It’s not my fault, It’s the search engines and their set of rules you have to follow.

However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself and want it done, correctly, efficiently and want to keep your costs minimal, then you can outsource to a reputable Seo company, You will need to have a fairly good conversation of what you need over the phone.


If you are talking to a person or company claiming that they will get you results. Ask if their website is ranked in the top ten positions on Google for their industry. If they are not… no matter how good they sound or the promises they make, move on… They’re simply using your money to learn or earn by being a middleman.