One of the best facebook monetization techniques for facebook pages owners

vidmyVideos are taking the online world by storm. Did you know that over 300 hrs of video are uploaded to youtube every minute? Did you know that youtube has created 1000’s of millionaires from people using their advertising programmes? Well thankfully there is now a way you can get in on the action now by building your very own video site!  is a state of the art video website builder with a video content curation and monetization tools which allows you to make money from all of the videos you add to your site. As a user you can build a professional video website in 5 minutes, literally with the click of just a few buttons you  can then also customise the design as well as map your own domain name and curate videos from youtube, vimeo and facebook and most of the other larger video sites available online.



The best part is you can choose your own ad placements within you site from ad servers such as adsense. If you’re an owner of a Facebook page then you know how frustrating it can be to find good content for your daily posts . Using Vidmy is as simple as creating your video website and curating video content to your site. When a user clicks your link they will be sent to your site where your own ads are displayed and you’ll be able to earn from any clicks to ads caused by this action. It really is as easy and as simple as that. If you would like to find out more about this great product then please visit this demo page here.