SEO consultant

mattDo you run an online business, a blog or and information website? Have you heard about the power of SEO and how it can improve your website’s visibility online? There are millions of web pages lost in the obscurity of a search and often, people don’t even click past the top ten results. This doesn’t help you if your site is all the way back on page 50, let alone page 2.

With time, patience and diligent effort, you can optimize your sites search rankings to better improve your conversion results. It’s as simple as planning a strategy to get to your goal of becoming number one in the search rankings. Doing this yourself can be very frustrating if you have no experience with SEO. Hiring a good SEO consultant is the way to go.

An SEO specialist consultant will assist you in mapping out where you want your businesses online presence to go and how you will get there. The plan should include tactics and milestones to be achieved. Some examples of tactics and strategies employed are;


Keyword optimization & AdWords

Your industry will have a set list of keywords that are regularly typed into a search engine like Google when someone is looking for a related product or service in your industry. For example, if you own a bicycle store, then people might type in ‘buy bicycle’ or ‘rent bicycle’. Google allows you to pay them a fee to promote your site in their listings if you chose to purchase ‘pay per click’ advertising through them.

This is a handy way of improving your rankings but it requires a lot of research and planning that might not be possible if you are hands on in your business and unable to find the time. Hiring an SEO consultant can be a great way to delegate this important activity to someone that is experienced and brings results.

Blog management

Running a blog on your site allows you to target your previously identified keywords further. You can link your blog to other industry influencers and matt4authority sites to give your blog a boost and improve google rankings when people search for topics related to your blog.

SEO consultants will know how to optimize your blog and its editing platform to include useful plugins that improve ranking even further.

Link outreach

Linking with other industry leaders is a method of improving your own authority and credibility online. This can be done by mutual logo links between your site and other reputable sources, or by posting sponsored content on their site, with links back to you.

Directory listings

Listing your business in an online directory is a great way to improve local search results and improve the visibility of your site in searches.

The Final Thought

The online world can be a vast desert of uncertainty and obscurity. If you want to pull yourself into the limelight of the top ten search results, then you need to hire an SEO consultant. Make sure you pick one that has credible industry references from past clients and a solid track record. With the power of an SEO consultant behind your website, you will rank with the stars!


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