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How well do you understand your company?
How well you "do" can directly be measured in online business by how well you "know."
And what you know is what you are going to enforce. And it is from what you are adding that the findings can stem.

It can put you one step ahead of the competition by getting even the most seemingly insignificant data.

Sure, that includes essential knowledge such as knowing how to best win customers for your business. But it also includes basic information, such as your URL's domain age.

And that's why we have built this free, premium Domain Age Checker standard tool.

What is the Era of Domain?

"Domain Age" refers, in simple terms, to the period of time for which a domain name has existed. That's how old the name of a domain is.

For example, if a domain name is registered in 2010, by 2020, the domain age would be 10 year old.

And what's the name of a domain? As with seo, it is the URL of a website. That is, the address where your website can be reached by Internet users.


Domain Age Checker is a tool that we created primarily for the purpose of testing the age of any Internet domain name.

In addition to the age of your domain name, our domain tool shows you the exact time, day, month, and year the domain name was created.

The magic of showing you even more knowledge about your domain name is also achieved by our domain age checker, including:

  • The date on which the domain was last updated
  • The date of domain expiration
  • IP Address (the IP address will tell you who is currently hosting the website and the type of IP address it has)
  • Servers of names attached to a domain name
  • Way back link to search the domain name history in, including previous designs, formats, content, etc.
  • The Domain Name Registrar.
  • This implies that the method acts not only as your domain age checker, but also as:
  • Domain expiry checker date
  • Checker for domain IP addresses
  • Checker for the web host
  • Checker for Domain Name Server
  • Checker for Domain Registrar
  • You can only accept that this is not your typical domain age checker with these feature sets, but a sophisticated domain name analyzer.
  • Yeah, and we've listed that you're getting all this for $0. Yes, FREE altogether. No hidden fees, no charges per month. Currently, without prior registration, you can also use it.

How this domain age checker should be used

It's so easy to use our Domain Age Analyzer that you think you're having fun!

This is how:

 To use the app, you first need to be on this page where you are now (https://seo

Enter your domain name(s) in the given text box using http://.

Click on 'Check Domain Age' to run the request once you have entered your domain name(s).

It'll take around a second to return the result to our well-built engine, which typically looks like this:

To view other information, you can click on 'More info' as follows:

If you click on "Domain History," the engine will show you the history of the domain from the way back. If the domain was registered 15 years ago and was used and discarded for five years and was registered and active again 3 years ago, all of it will be seen in history.

This will now give you an outstanding indication of how old the domain is. Also, you will come to know if it has one or more previous owners.

On the entire Interweb, no other computer is this sophisticated.

Why check a domain name's age?

There are numerous reasons why you would want to check a domain name's age, which are listed below.

But first, note that you can want to check:

The age you want to purchase from an already existing domain name

The age of the domain names of your rivals

Or just the age of a domain name of your own.

Of course, knowing WHEN the domain was registered and HOW OLD it is now is the key reason for testing domain age.

Now, chances are that you already know when your own working domain name has been registered. So that's not the best way to spend your time and won't do you much good if you were to check it out (except that you forgot when you registered your domain name).

That leaves the other two choices for us:

  • Checking the domain age of a name you would like to purchase
  • Checking the age of rival domains

It does only one thing for you to check the age of the domain name of your competitors: you now know how long their domain names have existed, which gives you an idea of what you're dealing with.

Checking the age of a domain name you are trying to purchase, on the other hand, gives you an idea of what you are about to get into.

For these two reasons, the reasons why knowing domain age matters are given below:

You get an idea of the size of the domain name's backlink profile. There is a strong probability that an older domain name would have a higher link profile. Why? Since it has existed for a long time and may have accrued some links over time. The owner may have made some effort to develop some quality backlinks, and the amount and quality of backlinks in ranking a website are taken into account by search engines. The SEO work done by the previous owner in the past to establish a good connection profile may be a major plus for potential owners.

As mentioned just above, chances are that a long-existing domain name (with a quality backlink profile) would do reasonably well in searching. You get an idea of how well the domain performs in search engine rankings. In fact, most SEOs agree that domain age is one of the ranking factors of Google. It will save you a lot of SEO time, money, and effort if a domain has a good search engine ranking. And testing its age gives you an idea of how well the name in quest could be doing.

"While there are other factors that decide the amount of traffic a website gets, such as publishing regular content, etc., a domain name that has existed for a while will still "naturally" do better than new ones in terms of organic or direct traffic. While there are other factors that determine the amount of traffic a website gets, such as publishing regular content, etc.

You get an idea of the prestige of the domain name. Purchasing a brand new domain name means creating a strong reputation from scratch. But long-existing domain names often have a good reputation within their market segment that has already been established. This means that consumers have already established some trust in the name because it has been there and they already know it. Checking the domain age gives you an indication of how long it has been there.

With the above four points in mind, you can begin to believe that all long-existing domain names come clean and heavenly. Don't get it twisted, they're not all fine. After testing the age of a domain name and discovering that it has existed for a long time, you can then try to figure out if the domain name has any negativism attached to it and fo fo fo. Having a poor reputation among users is another issue associated with certain current domain names. The website may have been blocked by some users or tagged as spam or malware. The future of the domain could be at stake if these vulnerabilities are not removed. Testing the domain name gives you an idea of how long it has existed so that before acquiring it, you can conduct an underground investigation.