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To search for our favourite websites, we use domain names; we bookmark them in our search browsers as well. Just in case anything goes wrong with our computer, we could even write and store them. But why would we need to know the IP address of a domain? If we want to know details about the domain, we will need this information. What's the IP address here? Before we discuss what the IP address of a domain is, we must know the answer to this.


There is a directory of all websites that are on the internet that holds records. What distinguishes one domain from another is the IP address. A specific IP address is assigned to each domain. An IP (Internet Protocol) is a special system of addressing used to classify all computers that use the internet. An IP address is defined when you connect to the internet from any device, such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc. It would be practically impossible without a special addressing scheme to run and control the internet. Imagine living in an environment where you don't have house numbers, street numbers or names. Finding out where an individual lives will be difficult.

Four numbers are composed of an IP address. Each of which has one to three numbers in it. A single dot '.' Separates the numbers of each package. The four numbers can each range from 0 to 255. can look like an IP address. The key that empowers a user to send and receive data from other websites is this innocuous looking set of numbers. It is this set of numbers that makes sure we get to the right website.

The common set of IP addresses that were first installed in 1983 and are known as the IPV4 and are fast running out of the one mentioned. It has been launched to handle future domains addressing IPV6 and both versions are in use.


There are two types of IP addresses, known as static and dynamic, that are allocated. It never changes a static address. A group of complex addresses are purchased and used by web hosting service providers. This means that when a user assigned to a dynamic address leaves the Internet line, the address is assigned to another user.

Static IP addresses such as the continent, region, and area in which a computer is located disclose information. However, it is likely that the IP address would not disclose the correct domain information. The explanation for this is that on a web hosting service provider based in the United States, a business located in South Asia will have a static IP address. When an IP lookup is run, the IP address will provide this data. Large companies tend to provide static IP addresses, although there are also static IP addresses for certain government departments.

Dynamic IP addresses are a pool of IP addresses which are interchangeable. Both internet service providers have a pool of addresses and when a user connects to the internet, they allocate an IP address. It is cheaper and more reliable to share a dynamic IP address than a static IP address. As a domain's address never changes, hackers find it easier to hack static IP addresses. If a hacker attempts to access a dynamic address, using the IP address, he or she may come across a different domain.

You can take your laptop with you as you drive about, but you can't bring an IP address with you. If you walk into a café that offers Wi-Fi and from there you connect to the internet, you can use the IP address assigned to the café to check your email and perform other internet activities.

How To Find an IP of the  Domain
There are many ways in which your IP address or that of a website can be found. To find an IP address, you can use the 'tracer' or the 'ping' button. But knowing a website's IP address won't give you any more details.

Go to on your search browser and find the 'Domain to IP' icon or copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser if you want to get specific information about a domain's IP. It will show the Domain to IP tool. Enter the domain name for which you want the IP address and press 'Send.' The domain name, IP address, country, and ISP will be displayed in the application.

In addition to showing the IP address, it informs you which country the IP address is located in and the name of the web hosting service provider that is hosting the domain you have searched for.

To see who the actual service provider in your domain is, this data can be very useful. You may have purchased a provider of web hosting services in your region or country. For another internet web hosting service provider, however, the internet service provider might be a reseller. So, you may be a Singapore-based business house, but your website might be hosted in Australia.

A majority of service providers for web hosting are based in the United States. The explanation for this is that they can provide inexpensive hosting services and one of the best in the world is their service quality. Plus, their configurations are massive and very well maintained.

A very useful piece of knowledge is understanding who the internet service provider for every domain on the internet is. You not only get to know the domain's exact IP address, but also know where the domain is being hosted from. If you believe the website of a rival is getting a better response than yours. Plus, by doing a domain to IP lookup using, you will find out that the explanation is that they are using an excellent web hosting service provider. You will then determine whether to discard your existing provider of web hosting services and move to another.