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Keyword Density Checker

The Checker keyword density tool shows you the percentage of keywords you are using in your post. By testing the keyword density and rendering it according to the search engine demand, it helps to turn your content into high quality.

A keyword is made up of phrases or terms, while keyword density is called the percentage of the word or keyword present in the content of another word.

The keyword density formula, which is the time number of a specific keyword repeated/total word number*100, can measure the keyword density of a post. But doing it manually, which requires energy and a lot of time, is a very hard task. Therefore, we built this fantastic keyword density analyzer at Seo Submit to help you find your article's keyword density in seconds.

Google and other search engines have a suggested keyword density of 1% to 3% . If you quit this percentage, according to Google, it's called keyword stuffing, and it's not good for you. So, aim to keep the keyword density within the percentages suggested.


Why use the Density Calculator Tool for Keywords?

Using this instrument has many advantages. In your post, you can get the exact volume of different keywords you use. This method helps you to pick the length of the keyword according to the word count.

It's a free tool that's easy and quick to use. This keyword percentage calculator tool analyses the text you have given and gives 100 percent accuracy of the desired result in no time.

How does the Density Calculator method for keywords work?

This tool operates on very basic fundamentals, as it analyses each word of your content and points out how many times the word or word combination (keyword) is used and then shows you the full result, including all keywords.

It starts finding the keywords and provides a report when you paste your article into the provided box of this Keyword Density Analyzer tool. The report includes your overall content statistics, including the total number of words used, the total number of characters used, the percentage of keywords used, and much more.

How to use keyword density tool for SEO?

  • The use of this keyword density percentage checker is very simple. This tool highlights your errors so that you can make improvements to them and make your text user-friendly and search engine-friendly. Go to the tool page for keyword density.
  • Paste your url link or article into the given box to use this method.
  • Click the Start button and pick the number of keywords and the number of words per keyword.
  • Click the button to apply.


It will begin its operation and offer results with a reliable result in seconds.

How to verify keyword density?

Always bear in mind that if you don't correctly place keywords, the keyword density ratio is the back of the SEO, then all your efforts go in vain. Google only gives priority to insightful, entertaining, useful pages. So, in search engines, use this live keyword density checker to make your article worthwhile and get a high rank.